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Photo Digital Watch

We are happy to introduce a new application. This application provides the ability to organize your watchface with your photos. Always check the faces of your lovely people on your wrist. It's also great to enjoy great photos or happy moments. You can select up to 50 photos in your watch. The application organizes the slideshow with selected photos. Oh, of course, to choose a photo, don't forget to transfer it to your Galaxy Watch first. Check out the guide below for more information.

Everytime with Your photos

Make a Slideshow with Your pictures and Show on Neat and Well-informed Digital Watch. Slideshows automatically change photos at regular intervals. However, you can also switch to the next or previous photo manually. You can change the picture by touching both ends of the screen. The order of the photos is organized in the order you choose.


  1. Slideshow of Your Photos
  2. 8 Font Colors
  3. 5 Font Styles
  4. Big Digit Mode
  5. 12 / 24H Display
  6. Photo AoD

You can easily set various functions. Tap the screen twice to enter the setting mode. You can change the settings with icons while setting.

How to pick your photos

If you want to use your photo, you have to move it to your watch first. Make sure your photos are on the watch. Run the Gallery app on Watch to see if there are any photos. If you don't have a photo, launch the Galaxy Wearable app on the connected mobile phone and send your photos through the "Add content to your watch" menu. You can check whether all photos have been sent through the gallery app.

Touch the screen twice to enter the setting mode. Click the photo settings icon to enter the photo selection mode. Select all the photos you want to make up your slideshow. That's it. A slideshow is automatically organized with the photos you choose.

Beautiful colors

We have prepared many beautiful colors for you. You can choose the font color that suits your taste. Selecting the water drop icon on the settings screen will change the color in sequence.

Awesome fonts

Personal preference is also important for fonts. So, we prepared various fonts. Like the color, you can easily change it by selecting it from the settings screen.

AoD display

Even in AoD display mode, it provides a neat clock screen with the picture you selected.

We are always open

We are always listening to your voice. Anything is welcome. Please tell us everything from small discomfort to small taste. You can also email us or comment on this post.

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