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LED Scroller 2

Show the message through the LED Scroller 2. Another special way to use smart watch. You can customize your message and display options.

We created and distributed a simple app with the thought that we would like to be able to deliver messages using Watch. Deliver the message you want from the wrist, from the cradle, or while charging. Please let us know if you have any deficiencies. We will actively review it.


Touch the screen twice to enter the setting mode. Message, Color, Blink Effect and Dot Effect are selectable. You can type your message by drawing by hand. The screen does not turn off when the show starts. Landscape mode support is also good for use off the wrist. Long press on the screen to change the horizontal and vertical orientation.

  1. 14 Colors
  2. 5 Font Size
  3. 5 Speed
  4. Blink Effect
  5. Dot Effect
  6. No screen off
  7. Landscape mode

How to change Font Size and Speed

If you want to change Font size and speed, you have to rotate watch bezel. Turning the bezel to the right increases the font size, and turning it to the left increases the speed. Each can be set up to 5 levels.

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