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Button Stopwatch and Counter

The Most Useful Stopwatch Application

Simple and Intuitive Stopwatch and Counter with Button! It also keep Screen.

Try the most intuitive and convenient stopwatch. While watching the time, you can use the stopwatch. The screen doesn't turn off, so you can use it on your wrist. 24-hour display mode is also supported, and screen rotation is also possible. It can be used as a counter instead of a stopwatch. We made it possible to operate by using a button in water lock mode.


  1. Simple Big Digital Clock.
  2. Intuitive Stopwatch
  3. Stopwath Records
  4. Simple Counter
  5. NO Screen OFF
  6. Horizontal Mode
  7. 12H / 24H Display
  8. Button mode

Simple Big Digital Clock

Simple and big digital clock in the middle. It is a good design to check the time at any time.

Intuitive Stopwatch

The stopwatch located under the digital clock is very intuitive. It starts when you touch it and stops when you touch it again. Touch and hold to reset. Very easy.

Stopwatch Records

All records using the stopwatch are saved. You can check it at any time in the history list.

Simple Counter

It also provides a simple counter function. Use the counter whenever you need it.

No Screen off

If the screen goes off while using the stopwatch, and you have to turn it on again each time, it's annoying. We designed the screen to stay on. Use the stopwatch comfortably while looking at the screen at any time.

Horizontal Mode

If it can be used without being worn on the wrist, it can be used for more various purposes. It can be used when solving problems or when breaking records. It supports horizontal mode for comfortable wearing without wearing it on the wrist. Can be used while charging in the charging dock.

Button mode

By activating the button mode, you can control the main functions with the buttons. This is especially useful in waterlock mode. You can use the buttons to control the stopwatch or use it for a counter.

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