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Interval Exercise Timer

Try using the most intuitive UX workout timer based on your own scenario. You can freely configure the items, and you can also set up a scenario repeatedly. You can also move between items easily by navigation. The screen remains on, and you can also use the background mode with the home button.


  1. Custom Scenario
  2. Intuitive UX
  3. Up to 50 Items with Re-Ordering
  4. Sound / Vibration / Mute Alert
  5. Item Navigation
  6. NO Screen OFF
  7. Background Mode

Customr Scenario

reate your own scenario. You can create and manage multiple scenarios at the same time. Each scenario can be set repeatedly. Scenario repetition To set, you must touch a scenario twice in the scenario list.

Intuitive UX

It is an intuitive UX timer. You can easily check the progress of time through the progress bar, and you can see the current time and items remaining time, and even the next item at a glance.

You can check the current item number and the number of scenario repetitions.

Up to 50 Items with Re-Ordering

If you want to add two breaks or a long break in the middle, you can add items freely. You can freely configure the scenario by adding items as you like.

You may need to change the order of items as needed. No need to modify items. You can change the order of up and down by entering reordering mode.

Feedback Type

Various feedback types can be selected. You can choose sound or vibration, or you can choose a quiet way. You can do this by entering the setting mode.

Item Navigation

During exercise, you can move to the next item or switch to the previous item. Navigation is very simple. It always provides an intuitive UX.

NO Screen OFF

It is annoying when the screen keeps turning off. It is designed so that the screen does not turn off. As you exercise, you can easily check the middle.

Background Mode

When proceeding with items that last for a long time, if the screen does not turn off, battery consumption may be a concern. In that case, press the home button to return to the watch face. Automatically enters the background mode, and when the timer expires, the screen turns on again.

Release Note

Version 5.6.0

  1. Optimize service application lifecycle
  2. Change icon
  3. Fix a bug for bezel canceling

Version 5.5.0

  1. Prevent abnormal timer trigger when timer is paused
  2. Prevent to exceed scenario repeat number when move to previous item
  3. Store running manager info when stop

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