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  1. Watch Frame
    While charging, use your watch as a small picture frame. You can also select multiple photos to create a photo slideshow that changes about every 15 seconds. Features When the show starts, the screen does not turn off. So you can see the photo even while charging. If you double-tap the screen, the setting screen appears. You can pick a picture and rotate it in any direction you want. Slideshow o..
  2. Gallery Slideshow Widget
    Create a slide show on your watch with your pictures. It is also good for display because the screen does not turn off. Features Slideshow Using Your Pictures Intuitive UX No Screen off Widget Available Rotation Available How to pick your photos If you want to use your photo, you have to move it to your watch first. Make sure your photos are on the watch. Run the Gallery app on Watch to see if t..
  3. Photo D-day Countdown Widget
    Add simple yet useful widget application to your watch. With this application you can easily check the photos and anniversaries of your loved ones in the widget. Easy to Use It's so simple that no manual is required. Add a widget and select a photo. Then enter the anniversary. You can check the D-day anytime right from the widget. How to pick your photos If you want to use your photo, you have t..
  4. Battery Graph
    Check your battery usage now. Find out which watchfaces are killing battery. Monitor your battery usage patterns. Best battery managing app Introducing the best applications for power management. You can check the battery usage pattern at a desired interval from 3 hours to 72 hours with a graph. You can also check the power consumption pattern for each time zone. Check which applications use a l..
  5. Beacon Maker and BLE Scanner
    Make your watch iBeacon with specific data. (UUID and Major, Minor). It can also be used to test other beacons and check scenarios that work with smartphones or other devices. Use the BLE Scanner to check if the watch is sending a beacon signal. You can also make it just simple BLE advertising packet transmitter. Features: Change BT local name and transmit that as a beacon. Transmit as a beacon ..
  6. LED Scroller Pro
    Show the message through the LED Scroller. Another special way to use smart watch. You can customize your message and display options. We created and distributed a simple app with the thought that we would like to be able to deliver messages using Watch. We were delighted to receive the praise and appreciation of many users. We received various opinions, and based on those opinions, we made the ..
  7. AoD Clock Pro
    New Smart Way to Use Smart Watch Use Your Smart Watch as Table Clock When It is On the Charger. This simple application allow your watch to show a beautiful clock. It keep Screen ON and change its position to prevent display damage. Features No Screen OFF AoD Clock 360 degree rotate 4 Beautiful Font 8 Awesome Font Color Changing position to prevent burning 12 / 24 H Mode You can change font and ..
  8. Pomodoro Timer
    Use Pomodoro Timer on Your Wrist This minimalistic and beautiful Pomodoro Timer will help you do more in less time and regain your lost concentration. The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks. Each interval is know..
  9. Interval Exercise Timer
    Try using the most intuitive UX workout timer based on your own scenario. You can freely configure the items, and you can also set up a scenario repeatedly. You can also move between items easily by navigation. The screen remains on, and you can also use the background mode with the home button. Features Custom Scenario Intuitive UX Up to 50 Items with Re-Ordering Sound / Vibration / Mute Alert ..
  10. Multi-Timer Widget
    Simple and Intuitive UX Timer Widget. Add Most Useful Timers in Your Widget slot! Best Practice for Smart Watch What is the best way to use Smart Watch? Try the timer simply and comfortably. Time to cook spaghetti, brew tea, and meditate comfortably. The Multi-Timer Widget is the most useful and most useful smart watch application. Features Custom Title and Time, Color Intuitive UX Configurable ..
  11. Button Stopwatch and Counter
    The Most Useful Stopwatch Application Simple and Intuitive Stopwatch and Counter with Button! It also keep Screen. Try the most intuitive and convenient stopwatch. While watching the time, you can use the stopwatch. The screen doesn't turn off, so you can use it on your wrist. 24-hour display mode is also supported, and screen rotation is also possible. It can be used as a counter instead of a s..

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